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At The Luccitti Law Firm, your satisfaction is our priority. Read reviews from our delighted clients below. To begin your service, call us today at 623-533-7091.

Positive client testimonial for Luccitti Law Firm in Glendale, AZ
Customer review praising legal services at Luccitti Law Firm

Tonya G. Glendale, AZ

"Mr. Luccitti was an excellent attorney for my divorce. He handled a difficult situation for me quickly and was always available when I needed him or had questions. He made sure that I looked at everything I needed to consider when making decisions in my case. I would recommend him to everybody and have already sent a friend to him. Thanks for doing a great job! His office staff was the best!"

Elida, AZ

"Warren Luccitti went beyond what anybody would expect from an attorney. He returned my original phone call, emailed me and had his assistant contact me. Because I was busy when he returned my phone call, he contacted me on a Saturday, noon. He provided me undivided attention, was specific, knowledgeable, respectful, patient to listen to all of my concerns. He answered my questions and used colloquial language avoiding complicated legalese jargon. He has good communication skills. He provided me advice on how I should proceed. He did not charge me a fee. I was very impressed. I would highly recommend Warren Luccitti."

Bill B., AZ

"No one wants to file a bankruptcy, but in my situation, it was the best road to take. Mr. Luccitti was very professional, and to the point. He made sure all of the correct documents were filed, and went to court with me when I had to appear. Mr. Luccitti made the whole bankruptcy process a lot easier than I thought it would be."

Danielle, AZ

"After going almost a year with nothing getting accomplished on my case I decided it was time to switch lawyers and hired Warren Luccitti. My case is a complex family court case. His assistant and him are both great at getting back to me right away. He is moving my case along and getting me the results that are best for my child. I would highly recommend him."

Maria P., AZ

"I have used Mr. Luccitti for a divorce, and a car accident and he was exceptional at both!
I would very highly recommend him!"

Terri S., AZ

"Warren is an excellent attorney. I have referred difficult cases to him in which he settled for more than the client even expected. He is hard working and a real advocate for his client."

Kelly J., AZ

"I emailed this office seeking family law advice and I'm happy to say I would use this office for any of my legal needs. He was friendly, informative, and extremely helpful in answering my questions and providing me with the necessary information.
I had also contacted other offices, offices offering "free 1 hour consultations", that either dismissed my questions or never responded."

Sharee H., AZ

"I absolutely love, respect, and admire Mr. Luccitti. He handled my outrageous case of false accusations by my mother no less. She teamed up with my ex to try to take my child from me to control and manipulate me. Needless to say Mr. Luccitti was amazing! He made everyone fumble over their own lies and their testimonies were lies. He had the other lawyer scrambling through his paperwork--speechless more than once. That was about a year ago. He lives near me ex and from time to time my ex will see him around town and is instantly irritated because of how well Mr. Luccitti did his job in finding the truth and unraveled a web of lies in the middle of a custody war and did what was best for the child. My ex and I worked out a new visitation schedule and are getting along quite well now. We talk things out as a family should. A lot of good came out of this life shattering ordeal. I extremely recommend Warren Luccitti. Worth every penny and more. Thank you Warren I will see you soon. Aloha!"

Alex B., AZ

"Over a year and a half ago I was going through a difficult child custody situation. After reaching out to so many lawyers, Mr. Luccitti and his legal assistant Maria were the only ones who ever made me feel that they genuinely wanted to help me. Maria is absolutely amazing and always follows up with me very quickly when there is work that needs to be done. The very first day we spoke on the phone, she took the time to hear me out and wrote down every single little detail. The very same can be said about Mr. Luccitti. During our consultation, he never rushed me off the phone and took his time to try and understand my situation. At one point I was not able to attend my hearing and Mr. Luccitti still represented me during my absence. A year and a half later, and I am very pleased with all of the hard work that was put into my child custody case. As a father, I definitely recommend the legal services provided by Mr. Luccitti."

Brian M., AZ

"When I needed an Attorney in Arizona, I asked a friend, who is a Judge, to represent me. She declined for personal reasons, but recommended Warren. When I asked why she recommended Warren, she replied succinctly "because as an Attorney I have gone up against him in court". That was enough for me!
Sure enough, Warren was everything she said. Now I am not a Judge, but I can definitely recommend Warren!
Since then, Warren has helped me with other issues requiring legal representation, and his mind is fantastic!  He knows the law, and explores avenues I would have never thought of!  His office staff is fantastic, and very responsive.  Can't go wrong!"

Liz R., AZ

"I had a horrible custody battle with my ex husband, even after a lawyer turned down my case, Mr. Luccitti had no fear taking it on. Mr. Luccitti fought hard in my case and was fantastic in the courtroom. I tell everyone he went "Brooklyn" in the courtroom. He had my ex on the ropes. I am very appreciative to his time and efforts in my case. My son stayed in his private school, in my home, and is excelling."

B.A., AZ

"Over the past 8 years I have had endless court hearings, and trials with the mother of our children and have been represented multiple times by Warren Luccitti as well as other lawyers, not to mention the lawyers that I interviewed that were helpful but did not end up representing me.

Whenever the going would get really tough (and believe me, it can get tough really fast) loving family members would always ask me one question...."Do you think it's time to call Warren?"

Today, I ask you that same question, "Do you think it's time to call Warren?""

Kelly J., AZ

"I cannot say enough great things about Warren and Maria . I was going thru such a hard time when I had reached out to them. Maria was so kind and so caring . She was always available to chat with me while I was feeling so broken . Maria and I would have long conversations on phone prior to my consultation. I knew that after speaking with her on the phone it was time to set up my consultation . When I met Warren I felt so comfortable. He spent so much time listening to my concerns and assured me that he was going to do everything he could to make things fair for my son and I . He took me in not only as a client but as a family member . If anyone out there is seeking an attorney that will go above and beyond for his clients ... they need to contact this law office . I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to have them represent me."

Kiah R., AZ

“Mr. Luccitti and Maria are incredible. If you want someone who's experienced, beyond knowledgeable and going to give it to how it is, he's the man. My case was frustrating at times but Mr. Luccitti guided me thru every step of the way and made himself available anytime I had my concerns or simple questions. His assistant Maria makes you feel welcome and not just another client on their roster. When it came down to the gritty Mr. Luccitti walked the walk and I'm eternally grateful for him."

Marissa L., AZ

"There are simply no words to express the gratitude here... surpassed all understanding with the amount of patience, understanding, time, wisdom on our case. My Husband and I used Warren for multiple different matters in Maricopa Superior Court and he simply beyond measure exceeded in court on our behalf. Warren is Hardworking, Determined, Full of Wisdom and Straight forward. Could not have prayed for a better Counsel here... These words above do not even do him justice. There simply are no words..."

Kevin R., AZ

“Excellent for family and personal injury law. Known and worked with for 20 years with zero complaints.”

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